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Morrison: 'To the Tune of the Devils' 1940's

Between 1920 and 1950 portraits came from HL Richardson, AF Nicoll, Elizabeth Wallwork, Elizabeth Kelly, Ida Carey, Ivy Fife, MT Woollaston, to reach a climax with Rita Angus's "Portrait of Betty Curnow" (1942) and, by contrast, "Characterization in Colour" (1941) by May Smith.

Rita Angus - "Boats, Island Bay "

Printmaking revived during the World War Two period in the work of George Woods ..

George Woods: 1946

..E Mervyn Taylor..

E Mervyn Taylor:

.. KW Hassell, and Rona Dyer, urged on by the arrival of Mabel Annesley.

During World War Two, Peter McIntyre, Russell Clark (image below), and Alan Barns-Graham became official war artists. In contrast with McIntyre's popular action paintings, a more pointed statement about war was "Guadalcanal" (1946) by William J Reed.

Russell Clark, "Siesta" 1940's, Ak Art Gallery

After the war it seemed as if little had changed. Underground, there were artists working in isolation, committed to the cause of Modernism; a new language not all could read

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